Thursday, 26 May 2016

Makeup products I'm Obsessed with this month!

I am going to be sharing with you three items (all makeup products, surprise surprise!) I have literally not stopped over the past month or so. 

So this month I have been loving trying a few different makeup products in my collection, which have been sadly pushed aside, from me buying so much makeup lately, OOPS. but it's easily done! -you can never have enough am I right?! 

Products Featured: 
Chanel 'La Mysterieuse' -
Sleek Matte Me 'Birthday Suit' -
Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof -

The only product I had been yet to try before in this photograph was the waterproof lash sensational mascara, as I had already absolutely loved the non waterproof version, but now the weather is hotter my itchy/watery/hayfever-y eyes definitely do not! 

The first product is actually this beautifully packaged Chanel lipstick called 'La Mysterieuse' which unfortunately I have lost the swatch picture of it so if you are curious to see the colour you can find it featured in an older blog post of mine here. It is the prettiest shade which I would describe as a purple-y red pink shade and I find it so hard to wear red shades but on the lips it is a gorgeous in-between of red/pink on me and I am so happy with it and the formula is so silky considering its a matte lip stick and I adore it!

The second you may have seen in my liquid lipsticks blog post, and it is the much talked about Sleek Matte Me lipstick in the shade 'Birthday Suit' it is so pretty and has been compared and is said to be a dupe for 'Dolce K' by kylie cosmetics. It is quite pinky on me, which I'm not sure is because of my natural lip colour, but I think it is such a pretty shade perfect for Spring/Summer weather hence why I have been using it a lot throughout the past month!

The last is the mascara, the lash sensational-non waterproof has been my favourite mascara for around 6 months I would say could be less or more but thats my rough estimate. And I had absolutely no fault in it at all, until my eyes were affected by the ever so dreaded hay fever which I experience everytime the weather gets nicer! It's annoying but I'm so glad I tried the waterproof because it DOES NOT BUDGE! It is soooo good and is definitely replacing my normal lash sensational, the only downside is that it takes me twice as long to get off as non waterproof mascara does, but it works even better than my normal lash sensational as my lashes hold so much better and the curl lasts me literally all day. If you have been wondering whether to try it... then do it, it beats any high end mascara I have tried too, and for only £7.99!

What are some amazing makeup products you've recently discovered?! 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Skincare/Bodycare favourites!

Now that summer is just around the corner, I've been stepping up with my skin and body care products! 
I adore having a summery glow as the weather gets nicer and I have two tanning body/skincare products featured in this post as well as two skin care products which I'm also loving, so if you want to know my thoughts carry on reading lovelies!

The Products featured and direct links to them: 
Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion
Bondi Sands everyday Gradual Face tanner -
Cetaphil cleanser -
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo -

The first product is a very new product to me, after seeing this gradual tan on offer on the super drug website a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and try it, because I self tan I use the Bondi Sands Tanning range, and I can never ever get my hands to look somewhat not disgusting, I have watched countless youtube videos to see what I was doing wrong when applying the mousse to my body and also my hands but every time I did it it was hideous, no other word to describe it unfortunately! So I tried this on my hands applying it with a tanning mitt and oh my goodness what a difference, it matches my Bondi Sands dark foam perfectly after two solid coats and I am obsessed! I am yet to try the Bondi Sands tanning lotion, as I was going to try that on my hands and feet instead of the mousse but as this was on offer for around £3.50 and the Bondi sands one was £14.99 I thought I would give this ago first and the results I am beyond impressed with! 
The best natural looking hands I have ever had when fake tanning!

Now time for my Bondi Sands face gradual tan, now this is perfect for when you don't want to wear much makeup on your face and I've been loving it for makeup free days as it adds colour to my face obviously and builds up to match the tan on my body over two to three days of me applying it each night, because obviously when I don't fake tan my face I have a very visible pale face and tanned body haha!!The only small downside is if you use harsher face scrubs it obviously won't last amazingly but I think is super good and I've been looking for a product like this that doesn't break me out! it doesn't! and I'm definitely going to use this on holiday this summer since I need to use factor 50 on my easily burnt face! Goodbye to my pale face and tanned neck! 

So any US readers of my blog you'll probably think I'm crazy but I have been dying to try the Cetaphil cleanser for so long after hearing how good it is for sensitive or acne prone skin, which lucky me I suffer from both! I love the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I was looking for a liquid based cleanser instead of like a lotion which is what cleanse and polish is for those who may not know!
I have been using it for three weeks solidly now and my skin hasn't felt this soft in forever so now I'm definitely saying goodbye to harsh face scrubs which probably made my skin even more sensitive! It is amazing if your looking for a product that won't irritate your skin at all this one claims to do that and I agree!

Lastly is another completely raved about product, and I talk about it all the time! BUT it's the biggest staple in my facial skincare routine, if I couldn't have any other product except one it would be this one! *Bold claim I know!* it keeps my skin clearer than any other product has and I feel it works best when I completely cover my face in a small layer so it helps to tackle blemishes even before they appear. The Effaclar Duo + is a french brand and I also need to try more products from them! I have yet to find a acne curing product but this is as close as I've found to improve my skin the abolute most and it seems to prevent whiteheads and those really painful spots which is gross but amazing that it does such a good job!

So these are my favourites! 
What Skin Care or Body Care products can you not live without?!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Favourite Liquid Lipsticks/Lipcreams

Liquid lipsticks are becoming super popular lately, after the recent launch of the Kylie Jenner lip kits, (which one has actually made it into this post!) they have become a massive hype and every beauty lover it seems is obsessed with them and their are so many great dupes of her liquid lipsticks on the beauty market. I thought I would share with you my favourites at the minute so enjoy!

So the first is of course my Kylie liquid lipstick which I originally bought in the lip kit which featured this lipstick and the matching lipliner. Now this is such a perfect colour for me it's a nude pink colour and it's so easy to apply and smells incredible, and just like strawberries my fave! It is so pretty and I the formula is lovely, I just wish they were easy and accessible in the UK, without the shipping and customs charges which can be a whopping amount of money which I don't have haha!

The next one is the NYX lipstick in the colour Copenhagen, and by the way I love all of these liquid lipsticks and they are all my favourites! *they're in no particular order I forgot to mention!* The Copenhagen shade is amazing but I am more of a pink/nude/neutral lip kinda gal as I feel like these suit me best and are so wearable for me! This is a lip cream so it isn't as liquid-y like the others but dries into a cream formula but all of these lipsticks have a similar affect when dried. This is super good value at £5.50 so I will definitely be trying some more NYX lipsticks!

The last is a new edition to my liquid lipsticks, it's the Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit, I heard so much about this being a dupe for Dolce K by Kylie Jenner (sold as a lip kit) and I couldn't chose between Dolce K and Candy K when I got my lip kit so as I chose Candy K I wanted to get a dupe for Dolce K without the extreme price tag to get it shipped to the UK! So this is a gorgeous browny pink, slightly browner than Candy K, it's a very signature Kylie lip colour. Another thing with liquid lipsticks is that it's so much easier if you want a fuller lip because the liquid when dried really looked so natural and somehow makes you able to do your lips how you like usually with a lipliner, and then a matte liquid lipstick and it's so easy if you want a Kylie Jenner style lip look!

Where you can find them:
Kylie lip kit in Candy K -
NYX Soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen -
Sleek Matte Me Lipstick in Birthday Suit -

What's your favourite Liquid Lipsticks?

Thursday, 21 April 2016

L'Oreal Paris - Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks

Today after a long time of not informing you all of my favourite/most loved products I am going to be telling you about two of my favourite drugstore lipsticks, both from L'Oreal Paris! I think I will try this style of blog post with a few other drugstore brands so keep your eyes peeled!

So let's start of with the fact I adore high end lipsticks but the drugstore or high street if you're in the UK has some amazing quality lipsticks too, usually for around half or a quarter of the price of a high end alternative.

The lipsticks I have chosen and are in this picture are the shades: Eva's Nude (left) and 233 which is also called 'Boreal/Taffeta' (right) both are absolutely gorgeous colours which I have dug out of my lipstick drawer and have used so much now the weather is cheering up a little. 

Eva's Nude is a gorgeous peachy pink, it has a sort of gloss finish but isn't glossy like a lip gloss, and you won't get that annoying lipgloss in your hair problem ha! it's super moisturising this is partly the reason I love L'Oreal lipsticks as I have never had one that dries out my lips and they look so pretty on the lips. This shade goes with so many looks this is why I have used it so much lately and now I will most definitely be wearing this all spring and summer long!

233 is a more pinky shade, it has more shimmery sparkling specks in it which you can see easily in the light, I don't usually like any form of shimmer in my lip products but this is super lovely and looks gorgeous especially with other pinky makeup, pink eyes, pink blusher etc. I am obsessed!

Where you can browse the lipsticks:
L'Oreal Eva's Nude -
L'Oreal 233 Or Boreal/Taffeta -

Have you tried any L' Oreal lipsticks?
What are your favourite drugstore brands for lipsticks?


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My March Favourites

March has been a super busy month for me, but it's not stopped me loving lots of different beauty/skincare products this month! 

Funnily enough most of my products here are pink, but that's fine as it's my favourite colour! So let me start with the first product!

My favourite body product has actually been this Heel Genius Foot Cream by Soap and glory, I basically hate feet especially my own so anything that makes them look and smell better (I know, Gross) is a wonder product for me and this has just made my heels so much softer, and foot pampering is definitely what I need as after all summer is just around the corner! This is a miniature of the original but it is very good value for money for the full size at £5.50 so I will definitely be purchasing the full size soon!

Then I actually have been adoring the Sugar Crush Body Spray also by Soap and glory, as you can see I am in love with the soap and glory range as it all just smells divine and the products are amazing. This just smells like the sugar crush body wash in liquid form and it is without a doubt the nicest body spray smell, and I have recently seen on instagram there is a perfume/fragrance version so I NEED that in my life!!

Then this lip gloss all I can say is it's the best drugstore one I've found. It's the Barry M lip gloss in Toffee, and unfortunately I can't find it anywhere online *cries* and I really hope it isn't discontinued as I have really struggled to find a nice lipgloss which is the perfect formula for me at an affordable price. It goes with all my lipsticks in this post too so even better, but not if it's gone forever!

For moisturiser I'm loving my Garnier Moisturise Match in 'Goodbye Dry', because it's the perfect in-between it's not too light or too thick but it really helps with the dry areas on my face and helps my makeup to sit a lot nicer and I don't find any makeup clings to my dry areas when I use this! -Bonus! 

Now I'm going to take you though my most loved/adored lipsticks for this month!

The first is the L'Oreal Eva's Nude Lipstick it's a beautiful peachy, pink which is just a perfect spring/summer colour which will really pop with a nice summery glow, it looks so gorgeous paired with any eye look or just a natural makeup look, it's beautiful!

The Second one in is a Maybelline Lipstick in Tantalising Taupe I can rarely get away with this very pale glossy nude shade, it is a browny nude colour, as taupe would suggest but I have been loving it with darker eyes or bold contour/blush shades, it really complements most makeup looks well! 

Then Last but not least my well loved, Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 38, it is a gorgeous nude/neutral pink with the most gorgeous tones in it and it's the most wearable lipstick shade I think I own for Spring/Summer it will just look so neutral but still very pretty and easy to just put on whenever or wherever you are and it doesn't require too much upkeep you don't have to keep applying it throughout the day!

What's have been your favourites this month?! 
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